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Hi there! Blue speaking. I'm a backyard gardener with some time on my hands, a case of excessive curiosity, and just enough computer know-how to break things in a rather spectacular fashion. I'm also in dire need of a garden journal, so that's where you've found yourself.

As for my gardening experience, well, it's been intermittent. When I was a wee girl we had a garden in the side yard (which I always describe as "Big!" and my mom laughs and says, "No, that was the small version." So apparently I missed out on the big version, but it seemed big at the time). By the time I was a teenager we didn't have a garden at all anymore and then there were the college-and-afterwards days of hopping around wherein I could only maintain house plants (which were conveniently portable). More than a decade later (!!) I eased back into the experience with a cherry tomato hanging basket.

Best idea ever. Seriously, cherry tomato hanging basket. Fits anywhere! Real tomatoes!


These days I live on 3 acres of what is rumored to be formerly part of the Great Black Swamp. I'm not so sure about the 'formerly' some days, but the cavernous ditches along the roadsides and miles of drainage tile buried in the fields do a pretty impressive job. This, by the way, puts me in hardiness zone "5", with bonus points for plenty of wind, and therefore wind chill. The soil is clay and the water has a high sulphur content, but it's still a pretty good place for gardening!

My husband and I are on our third year of gardening on this property and the first two years were mostly about throwing plants in the ground and being amazed when they actually grew (which they did, sometimes surprisingly well - my mother-in-law may shoot me if I bring her half as many tomatoes this year as I did the last two). This season, as I'm no longer working at a 'regular' job, I have more time to actually pay attention to what the devil we're doing and go into it with the end results in mind. Not to mention the canning later this summer!

So that's where things stand. I have an idea of what I'm doing, but that's about it, so this is a lot of me finding things out as I go along. You're welcome to join me for the ride! I promise that it will be at least somewhat informative, and the mishaps may even be entertaining!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I probably have some weeding to do! *grin*
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